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Walserij 10-1 2211SJ Noordwijkerhout
  • Telefoonnummer: 0252-343131
  • Website: karwei.nl

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Walserij 10-1

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New report reveals which food giants are “seizing the moment,” as alternative protein boom

A three-year shareholder engagement with 25 giant food retailers and manufacturers has found that some leaders are beginning to capitalise on the rising demand for alternative proteins, while others are falling behind the curve of a booming growth industry. The alternative protein sector, which includes plant-based substitutes for traditional anima...

THE BLIND SPOT in Corporate Sustainability Rankings: Climate Policy Leadership

A new report The Blind Spot in Corporate Sustainability Rankings: Climate Policy Leadership by US Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) examines eight widely cited sustainability rankings and finds that only one (InfluenceMap’s Climate Policy Engagement A-List

Plastics, biodiversity loss and climate migration among seven trends impacting future of sustainability

Entire systems change and fewer ‘sticking-plaster’ solutions from world leaders are urgently needed to address global challenges, reveals a report from sustainability non-profit, Forum for the Future. The report calls for urgent collaboration between gove