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Elsevier economy lecture 2019: Pieter Elbers (KLM) on the value of air transport and how to keep it fit for the future

A year ago, Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden delivered the first Elsevier Economics Lecture on the need for an energy transition. Yesterday, KLM President and CEO Pieter Elbers took an in-depth look at the global drive for sustainability in the air transport sector. He presented his case for the broader value of air […]...

A new study from MIT Sloan School finds consumers are willing to pay a premium for supply chain visibility

Companies from Patagonia to Nike to Levi’s are leading the charge on social responsibility and supply chain transparency and they’ve encouraged their competitors to follow suit. But getting better visibility into a supply chain is an expensive and time-co

THE BLIND SPOT in Corporate Sustainability Rankings: Climate Policy Leadership

A new report The Blind Spot in Corporate Sustainability Rankings: Climate Policy Leadership by US Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) examines eight widely cited sustainability rankings and finds that only one (InfluenceMap’s Climate Policy Engagement A-List