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Mernaweg 55-A 9964AR Wehe-Den Hoorn
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Mernaweg 55-A
Wehe-Den Hoorn


Trivium Packaging’s inaugural sustainability report outlines holistic roadmap to a sustainable future; unveil’s “circularity champion” strategy

Trivium Packaging, a leading provider of infinitely recyclable metal packaging solutions with its head office in The Netherlands, today releases its inaugural sustainability report that highlights the extensive sustainability activities implemented across its global operations, reinforces its unwavering commitment to tackling climate change by putt...

Spadel and Solvay support the Philippe de Woot Chair in Corporate Sustainability Management

With a view of keeping Prof. Philippe de Woot’s spirit and inspiring thinking alive at UCLouvain, Spadel and Solvay are joining the Phillippe de Woot Chair for a period of three years. The goal of this chair in corporate sustainability management is to pe

Fraunhofer, SABIC, and Procter & Gamble join forces in closed-loop recycling pilot project for single-use facemasks

Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, SABIC and Procter & Gamble (P&G) today announced their collaboration in an innovative circular economy pilot project which aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of closed-loop recycling of single-use facemasks. Due to

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