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ISO paint brighter future with guide for sustainability in standards development

International Standards are essential tools for addressing many of the world’s pressing challenges, particularly those related to sustainable development. Recognizing the importance of this, ISO has a guide for all its standards developers on how to address sustainability issues in all ISO deliverables. It has just been updated. ISO Guide 82, ...

World’s biggest companies face $1 trillion in climate change risks

A group of the world’s biggest companies1 representing nearly US$17 trillion in market capitalization have valued the climate risks to their businesses at almost US$1 trillion - with many likely to hit within the next 5 years. This is revealed in a ground

Fairness in the Food Supply Chain: EU Commission welcomes Member States’ support for greater price transparency

Following today's exchange with Member States, the Commission will now adopt the measures to introduce greater transparency through improved price reporting along the food supply chain. After banning unfair trading practices and improving the conditions f